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The Heat Pump Guys Ltd are the leading specialists for air conditioning, heat pump and ventilation services. With experience and skills on our side, we think that our business is one of the best companies in New Zealand when it comes to the advice and installation of heat pumps. We also offer heat pump maintenance fo any make or model. Our residential and business customers appreciate the value of the work we do because we get the job done right the first time! At Heat Pump Guys, we value customer service and our goal is to always put the customer first.

Heat Pump Supply and Installation

Do you need a heat pump for your home or business? The Heat Pump Guys Ltd can help! Heat pumps are a great way to provide clean, affordable heat all at the touch of a button. A heat pump is a smart energy efficient investment and provides great heat for your building or house. The Heat Pump Guys will advise you on how to get the right heat pump for your space. 

Each property needs a certain type of pump based on where they are in NZ, what kind of house or office it is and how many people are in the space. We can supply all major brands of heat pump and we help you select the right one and then install it for you so that you can immediately start reaping the benefits of clean heat. Get the best heat pumps in NZ from the Heat Pump Guys!

Save On Heating

Heating is incredibly expensive, especially in the winter. It can be a lot of work to keep up with those expensive heating and energy bills so you've likely been looking for ways to cut back on costs in your home or business. Why not take the leap and go with green technology? Heat pumps are environmentally friendly and perform very well as long as they are properly installed.

The Heat Pump Guys will take the work out of installation for you. Try a test of heat pump comparisons and you'll quickly see how affordable installation, purchase and use of these pumps are. You're helping the environment and cutting back on your heating bill so it's a win-win situation that will save you money.

Tips for Going Green and Saving Heat

- Tape off your windows with special sheeting to keep heat in.

- Open your oven door after cooking to let the heat into the house.

- Dress in layers before turning up the heat in your house.

- Take a hot shower before going to bed; you'll sleep better and feel warmer under the blankets.

Get the best heat pumps in NZ by going through the Heat Pump Guys. With professional service and great products, we cannot be beaten! Visit our website at www.heatpumpguys.co.nz to see how we can help you save big!

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